Job Details

Location: Cambie Bar and Grill

Employment Type: Full time

As an established hospitality company we are in search of an ambitious, self-motivated individual to help grow, develop and promote our food and beverage and real estate properties locations in downtown Vancouver BC + Vancouver Island, BC. 

This position is ideal for someone who enjoys fulfilling a supporting role for senior staff, thrives in a fast-paced environment, knows how to multitask and is able to handle multiple projects and not afraid to work hard to deliver results. 

This individual will directly report to the President of the company. 
This role is quite a hybrid, and legal experience is greatly preferred. As the company operates several businesses on the mainland and Vancouver Island, this individual needs to be extremely well-organized, as they will be responsible for delineating and organizing various agendas, both legal and corporate. If you are aspiring for a position in law or is a lawyer or legal assistant, who is looking for a unique and varied work environment this position is ideal. You will be responsible for investor relations, corresponding and drafting documents for both in-house and out-of house counsel.


• Knowledge of BC online and corporate filings.
• Familiar with civil procedure rules.
• Knowledge and assistance in filing application with the City of Vancouver for permits. 
• Familiar with Small Claims procedure. 
• Excellent organizational skills.
• Good writing and composition skills.

If you are interested in the opportunity, please forward your resume with any questions you may and we will get in touch with you if we think you are the right fit! 

Thank you!